Whiteside Workshops

"Whenever a man awakes, he awakes from the false assumption that he has always been awake and therefore the master of his thoughts, feelings, and actions."
— Henri Tracol

"We do not have to improve ourselves; we just have to let go of what blocks our heart."
— Jack Kornfield

"Identification…is a form of escape from the self."
— Krishnamurti

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The Enneagram is a powerful and dynamic psychological, relational, and spiritual system that describes nine distinct and fundamentally different patterns of thinking, feeling, and behaving, called Types. Each of us was born into the world with certain propensities – the part of our personality that we call "nature". Our inborn character mixes with our environment and our conditioning, what we call "nurture", to develop a personality or ego-structure. This is what the Enneagram refers to as Type.

In some ways, these Types can be traced back to the defenses or coping mechanisms we learned for surviving in the world. Each Type demonstrates distinct patterns of thinking, feeling, and behaving, or "habits of head, heart, and body". The Enneagram helps us become aware of these often unconscious, limiting habits, of each personality Type so that we understand ourselves better. In addition, we gain compassion for what motivates others to behave the way they do in the world.

We all view the world through a certain lens, our Enneagram Type, and tend to believe that others view the world as we do. Until we can understand how our lens distorts reality, we can never see others clearly and free of our own bias. By understanding our own motivations and those of others, we begin to build bridges and reduce conflict. Self-awareness is the pre-requisite. The Enneagram does not put people into boxes. On the contrary, it helps us to see the box we are unknowingly already in and the way out.

These nine habitual patterns of attention greatly affect every aspect of our lives. Study of this system helps build awareness and improve relationships with our children, spouses, co-workers, and others. In addition, the Enneagram offers an answer to our spiritual cravings because it shows us with great specificity how our personality has limited us, how to develop our inner life, what our path of growth is, and where real fulfillment can be found.

Barbara Whiteside is a teacher's teacher. She's done her own psychological and spiritual homework and it comes across in every moment of her teaching. She covers the material thoroughly, and she has a loyal following of exemplary panelists who bring their own journey to her workshops. Participants enjoy a rich experience indeed! I'm so glad to have attended and to have shared my own knowledge as panelist. Though I've been studying the Enneagram for many years, I always learn a great deal from Barbara Whiteside.

JoAnne Tybinka

The Enneagram has transformed my marriage, my relationship with my children, and the way I approach my personal and professional life. Sometimes I feel like the lead character from Avatar when he finally learns what "I see you" means in their native language. I love the feeling I get when I can use my Enneagram knowledge to better understand where someone is coming from and improve the quality of our relationship.

Reading a book or listening to a lecture about the Enneagram would never have been enough. Barbara's panel format absolutely blew me away - imagine a group of four random strangers sitting in front of you shining light on secrets about yourself that not even you knew!

Greg Connor

As a person of faith in an all loving God, I found Barbara's teaching of the Enneagram to be inspirational. She brings a grounded intellect and thorough research to her work while being open to the "ah ha" moments of teaching others. Her respectful approach, her gift of listening creates the safe context necessary for being open to the honesty in which the study of the Enneagram takes one. No matter your belief, Barbara's love and respect of all people shines out in her consistent guidance through this powerful tool of seeking the truth of oneself. What an important resource she is to me and the families of my parish community!

The Rev. Julie Graham, Associate Rector of Children and Family Ministries, St. Paul's Episcopal Church

What a gift Barbara has been in my life as a teacher and pastor. Her deep insight into the transformative power of the Enneagram, and her gentle way of being both unconditionally loving and unflinchingly honest, make her a most trustworthy guide and teacher. Her unfolding work on spirituality and the Enneagram has been a great gift to my parish community, and I continue to delight in working with her.

The Rev. Thomas Skillings, Rector, St Paul's Episcopal Church

I have known Barbara since we certified as Enneagram Teachers together. I greatly admire the work that she does and the depth that she brings to her classes and clients. She is a remarkable teacher and I am glad to call her my friend and colleague.

Samantha Schoenfeld